B3 Body Goals

An 8-week body-transformation workout experience


B3 Body Goals is an 8 week program that will:

This program will have you moving and performing like an athlete as well as building muscle in the right areas on your body for that aesthetic frame. 

It will challenge you to push harder every week.

Below are some videos that serve as examples for the kind
of content you will receive as a member of this program.

What Does B3 Stand For?


The majority of this program is still under construction, but Pierre’s personalized 8-week program is LIVE beginning February 3rd, 2019.

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Look (B)etter

Since sight is our first sense that creates a lasting first impression, do it right and make it exceptional.  

Work (B)etter

Here is where your body goals are reached, performance is enhanced, and where you learn to fuel your body. Here good becomes BETTER.

Feel (B)etter

Who doesn’t want to feel better? Mental clarity and care free body functionality. Achieve this through supplements, mind set, and everything else in between that will keep you feeling energized and motivated each and every day.

Pierre's B3 Vision

B3 was created for those guys who want that extra edge in life. Whether it’s creating the ideal build through workouts and nutrition, taking your wardrobe up a notch or finding the perfect skin products, B3 is a movement for the modern man who wants to put his best foot forward and be on top of his game.

Let me help you reach your #b3bodygoals and be your best you!